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The Free Times Framework (FTF) for personal finance decisions

One way to define financial freedom is the following: the ability to do absolutely anything one desires with ones time, while simultaneously meeting all financial needs. Sounds nice doesn’t it? The Free Times Framework (FTF) is a way of thinking designed to help get you there faster. At the Free Times we do not believe life is best lived penny pinching at every turn, so … Continue reading The Free Times Framework (FTF) for personal finance decisions

Free Time Calculation

As promised, we wanted to provide detailed information regarding how we arrive at the Free Time metric that will appear in many of our posts. As a reminder, this post will show you the purpose this calculation is supposed to serve (TLDR; a new and improved retirement calculator). First things first, while we will generally report one metric for each scenario, Free Time will be … Continue reading Free Time Calculation

Psychological Biases in Personal Finance

We all have our blind spots, but we can learn to recognize and protect ourselves against psychological truths that lead us to poor decision making. We describe some of the key psychological biases to be aware of in regards to personal finance below, and suggest how to overcome them. Get ready to become a decision making machine! Loss Aversion: What is is? Loss aversion is … Continue reading Psychological Biases in Personal Finance

Ben and Jerry’s vs. Breyers

We love Ice Cream! Easily in the top 3 desserts, no question. Tell us in the comments what your other top two are! We love the good stuff and definitely don’t want to skimp on such an important piece of any fine meal. But will splurging on the good stuff be worth it in the long run for all of you personal finance heroes out … Continue reading Ben and Jerry’s vs. Breyers